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Dewey and Lola

Dewey and LolaDewey and Lola.  Just a small perspective of how large he is….or maybe how little she is.  I love this picture because it encapsulates their sweet relationship.  He is so careful with her.  My Lola is never far from her friend.  She sits by him, on him, under him…it is her safe place.  The way she sits on him reminds me of the birds that sit on a crocodile to pick the stuff out of their teeth.

Dewey and Lola

Goes to show you that one person’s garbage is another person’s treasures.  All of our animals are “dump” animals.  We have loved them all.  Some of these animals, our home was just a stopping place.  Other animals, like Dewey, are their last stop shop.

My Dewey was only with us nine months before he died.  He had severe heartworms when we found him.  We gave him a loving home.  There was nothing we would not do for that dog.  Gracious, I miss him.

We Will Not Stop

Taking in stray animals or dump animals.  We will love them until they take their last breath.  Then, we will mourn their loss and move onto the next animal.

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4 thoughts on “Dewey and Lola”

      1. Oh wow! What is it with little dogs and big attitudes. I used to have a few chihuahuas growing up too and they thought they were as big as a bull.

      2. It is really quite funny because I am “her person” and she is VERY protective of me. The first time she swung from his jowl, he flicked her off like a flea LOL I’m lucky he didn’t try to eat her…as when he first moved in, he had my cat, Chip, for lunch. Luckily, Chip escaped too much damage but has since lived in the tree for about 2 mths. I put food on the branches for him to eat.

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