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Homeschooling at its FinestHomeschooling at its Finest.  Books a Million is one of my favorite places.  I love going and looking through the education section.  It brings me joy, happiness….and a whole lot of other adjectives.  I found this box called the Big Box of Words.  There are several different variations for different aged children.

As you can see, it is a puzzle, so each word can interlock within the other word.  It has blank puzzle pieces to add words (using dry erase markers) and each word is tabbed with different colors.  Each color represents a word type (adjectives, articles, pronouns, nouns, verbs, punctuation marks, etc).

Due to D’s learning disabilities and his dyslexia, I limit his choices.  I give him all the words that start with a capital letter, all the punctuation marks, nouns, and verbs.  We are making simple sentences.  I use the blank pieces for writing his spelling words of the week.  It takes time.

There are more times than not that I want to pull my eyelashes out…but you know what?  This boy can tell you what a noun is.  He knows what a verb is.  He knows that every sentence HAS to start with a capital letter and he can put correct punctuation marks at the end.

For my older kids, I give them free rein to create sentences, as long as they know the definitions of what each thing is (what an adjective, article, adverb, etc.).  This is well worth the money.  I would like to get an easier version for Little Man.

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