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How Many People Does It Take

How Many People Does It TakeHow Many People Does It Take To Catch a Mouse?

Once you have set up a barrier o’ boxes.

Removed all foodstuffs from the pantry.

I had a giant bowl to throw over it.

Has eaten poison.

Once you have a child who is eager to catch said mouse because she “wants to be friends.”

Yep, I do not, however, what to be its friend.

It takes two children in catching mode.

One child was scared to move.

Another child was screaming.

Then, one child jumped up and down.

One child on the phone screaming, “catch it…wait, what are you doing?”

and one mother, standing in a chair delegating.

Then, the mouse sashays out of the pantry like it owns the world and everything in it.

There was no scampering.

No fear.

Just a surety that this mouse is indeed the king/queen (I didn’t look closely to see if it was a boy or girl) of the house.

And now, we wait.

How Many People Does It Take

I am armed with the knowledge that it lives here.

Also, armed with all my mixing bowls (I must get new bowls).

Armed with a strange child excited about the prospect of having a new roommate.

It is haunting our sleep.

We stomp when we walk into a room because we assume it will scamper away from us.

We are living in fear of opening cabinets.

Today is the day that my little mouse-y friend must die.

There cannot be two rulers of this house.

It will be a battle to the death.





I will prevail.

I hope

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