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Life As It Happens

Life As It HappensLife As It Happens

In my realm of being, Life As It Happens can be dull or monumental.  Today, it was monumental.  I swear, I can’t make this stuff up.  It is almost comical once the adrenaline calms down.  Well, that and when you absorb all that occurred.


Got up.

Cleaned house.

Prayed a lot.

Took Peach for the driver’s test.

Didn’t have MY license, so had to come home.

Went back to town to let Peach take her driver’s test.

Comforted a woman having a panic attack because the dentist hurt her.


Canceled two appointments.

Sat at ER with my bestie because her husband whacked his finger off.

Fed her husband cause he was hungry after surgery.

Lost 1/2 his finger.

Went to Walmart to buy pickled pigs feet because that is what my best eats when upset.

Hugged her more.

Came home.

The doorbell rings at 7:30 pm.

No bra.

Ran to the door stepped in pee.


Berbere and injera because my favorite Ethiopian is kind enough to send it!

Waiting for Big Daddy to come and cook me a steak.

God is still on the throne 🙂

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