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One Day I’ll Stop

One Day I'll Stop

One Day I’ll Stop

This cracks me up.  One Day I’ll Stop swaddling my kids, maybe.  When D and G came to live with us (at 2.5 and 6 yrs old) we did swaddle them.  We were told that it would help with the bonding process.  Let’s just say we didn’t do that for long because it was not working and felt strange.  There are other ways to forge bonding without bruising each other, you know.  However, with Hunter, we did swaddle him.

He came to live with us at 21 mths of age and he needed that tightness to be able to relax.  We don’t swaddle him anymore because he is almost 5.  In a similar fashion, we tuck the snot out of him.  I mean the tighter, the better.  As a result, he sleeps pretty well, at night.  When we just drape the covers over him, he cannot relax.  We are thinking that he feels safe because safety was not in the first 21 mths of his life.  It was more like severe chaos.

Similarly, I like to have weight added to me or to be rolled into my blankets, as well.  I guess the apples do not fall far from the tree, in that manner.  It makes me feel snug and I can easily fall asleep.  In comparison, Big Daddy does not like being tightly bound at night, at all.  He feels like he is suffocating.


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