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Courting Questions

Courting Questions

Courting Questions on Faith

Courting Questions is a list of questions with some Biblical support on each.  We have used this to help in the “dating” world of each of our children.

What are your habits with regard to Bible study? Bible Study

What is your opinion of personal witnessing? Witnessing

What would you say is your spiritual gift(s)? Spiritual Gifts

Do you show a regular willingness to serve others?  In what ways? Serving Others

Do you tithe? Tithe

What is your practice regarding personal prayer? Prayer Life

Also, do you tend to be more of a leader or follower in life?

In making decisions, what role does God’s Word play? God’s Word

What are your thoughts on family worship?

What would be the key attributes of such a practice in your home?

Describe a typical Sunday in your life from start to finish.


This set of Courting Questions is all on the family.  When you marry a person, you are marrying everyone!

Describe your relationship with your father?

Do any mental or emotional illnesses that could affect your children run in your family?

Describe your relationship with your mother?

Can you describe your relationship with your grandparents?

Can you tell me your thoughts on how a man should protect a wife and children?

How do you see your future relationship with your in-laws working out?

Are there any unsettled issues with your parents?


Now we come to the Courting Questions of friendships and relationships.  This can be a sticky topic sometimes.

Can you describe your relationship with your friends? Friendships

Have you ever had to deal with a broken relationship? If so, please provide the details of that relationship, how long ago, the situation, and how did you handle it? Relationships

Men & Women, what is your attitude towards them?

What is their purpose?

Can you talk about your prior experience with dating and romance? Dating

Have you ever kissed or been physically intimate in any way with a girl/woman? If so, explain the circumstances. Premarital Sex

Are you consistently faithful in fulfilling your commitments? Commitments


These Courting Questions are all centered around you, as a person, and how you handle things.

In what ways is self-centeredness expressed in your life? Self-Centeredness

Are you ever manipulative of others? Manipulation

What kinds of situations cause you frustration?  How do you respond? Frustration

What circumstances might make you impatient or angry? Impatience

How do you handle anger? Anger

Have you ever been violent?

Do you raise your voice when angry?

Are your spending habits disciplined?

What is your discipline in studying?

Do you read regularly, and if so, what?

Who is your favorite author?

Outside the Bible, what would be your five favorite non-fiction books?

Five favorite fiction books?

What are your habits regarding sleeping?

Are you lethargic?

Are your sleep habits irregular?

Do you follow a regular schedule?

Are you organized?

Would you consider yourself neat or messy?

How do you feel about guns?

Do you use offensive language? Speech

What is your attitude toward pets? Indoor? Outdoor?

Do you have political leanings?

How is your general attitude toward the civil government?

Favorite sources for news?

Do you have any interests, hobbies, talents?

What do you value most highly in life? What next?

In your spare time, what do you tend to do?

Do you prefer to live in the city, suburbs, town, or country; farm, seaside, mountains, or desert? Why?

Describe a typical weekday in your life from start to finish.

Describe a typical Saturday in your life from start to finish.

Health & Social

Here are some Courting Questions on health and social aspects.

Do you have any physical or mental disabilities or diseases?

Any allergies?

Prior or current health problems?

Do you drink alcohol? If so, what and how often?

What are your views on alcohol?

In addition, do you smoke?

What are your views on smoking?

Do you watch television, R-rated movies? PG-rated movies?

What were the last five movies you watched?

Is there a kind of music you prefer?

Do you find any music offensive?

Money & Work

The next set of Courting Questions revolves around money and work.

What is your view of debt? Debt

Do you have any financial debt? If so, explain the extent and the circumstances.

How would you describe your work ethic? Work Ethic

Do you have a high standard of excellence?

Do you tend to be either slothful or a workaholic?

How many hours per week do you work?

What are your income-producing (vocational) skills?


Now, we face the Courting Questions on Marriage!

How have you prepared yourself for marriage? Preparing for Marriage

In what ways do you think you may need to grow before marriage?

What does “leave and cleave” mean to you? Leave and Cleave

Are you prepared to put your wife first, before all others, including your parents?

What are your views on women working outside the home?

Can you tell me your thoughts on how a man should provide for a wife and family?

What is your view on the role of a spouse? Role of Wife Role of Husband

What are your views concerning divorce and remarriage? Divorce

Do you have a personal timetable for marriage? If so, what is it?

What type of education are you hoping that your future spouse will have?

List the five most important characteristics of a spouse (for you personally).

List any characteristics or personality traits that would bother or irritate you in a spouse.


Typically, parenting comes after marriage and these Courting Questions are important.

How do you relate to children?

How often are you around children?

What are your thoughts regarding birth control and family planning? Birth Control Family Planning

How many children do you hope to have?

What is your attitude toward adopting children? Adoption

What are your views on child training, including corporal punishment? Discipline

What are your views on homeschooling? Homeschooling

If “your” daughter were marrying “you,” what cautions would you have?

What are your thoughts on alternative medicine?

What are your thoughts on immunizations?

Hot Topics

These Courting Questions are a little bit more personal.  Remember, regardless of the answer, God loves you!

When you fail someone, what actions do you take to rectify the situation? Forgiveness

Are you honest? Honesty

Do you ever slant the truth for your own benefit?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law? If so, explain the extent and the circumstances.

What tendencies do you have toward prejudice or racism? Prejudice Racism

Have you ever had periods of rebellion? If so, explain the extent and the circumstances.

Have you ever been exposed to pornography? If so, explain the extent and the circumstances. Pornography

What are your views on homosexuality? Homosexuality

Do you currently use any type of drugs? Have you in your past? If so, explain the extent and the circumstances.

Courting Questions Conclusion

Realize, these questions were first found at Your Sacred Calling.  However, I edited some of them and I added Scripture.  This is an amazing group of questions that can help you or your child.  Also, this is completely Biblically based.  In addition, you must realize that God loves us all, regardless of the answers to these questions.  We are called to love everyone, in all situations.  God is our Judge.  We are called to love and bring joy to others.

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