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She is 19 Today

She is 19 TodayShe is 19 Today

Today I am thankful for……my oldest daughter, Bug…She is 19 Today.  Beautiful, brilliant, precious, nerdy, odd, quirky, love the Lord, faithful, honest, hardworking, funny….there are not enough words in the English language to describe her.  Oh, how I love her.

 My Goodness…Where Does the Time Fly?

My precious girl was 9 days late.  I was miserable, huge, and miserable.  My doctor had stripped my membranes, twice…OUCH.  He begged me not to go into labor during the Murray State playoffs because my husband was one of the key players.  He was a long snapper.  I told my doctor that I would do the best I could and he could always induce me 🙂

It was my first Thanksgiving that I had missed at my Granny’s house and my heart was broken.  My parents, being the good people they are, brought me a plate and I got to sit with them that evening and eat the good foods my granny had prepared.

We talked and I ate.  I wasn’t feeling great, but I had been sick with an upper respiratory illness the days prior. That night, I went to bed and I realized, with Big Daddy snoring next to me that I *really* didn’t feel good.

I knew that if I had started labor that my contractions would not go away when I started to walk, so I walked and I cramped.  I woke Big Daddy and told him I thought I was in labor, so he began to time my contractions.  They were about 5 minutes apart.  I knew it was time.

My Doctor…

He was a fine-looking specimen and my legs were hairy.  So, I hopped in the shower before leaving.  Bart thought I had lost my mind, but I had no desire for Dr. Hall to be all up in my stuff when the hair on my legs could’ve been braided.  That is not a good look and it was bad enough that he was even in that area.  Let me just tell you, when you are overdue with your first child, you are miserable, you are sick from a cold, your legs look like a forest had taken up residence…shaving was not a good idea.  I bled all over that shower because I had cut myself so many times.  One stroke up the leg, contraction halfway up said leg…cut….scream….it was embarrassing.

Mom and M.O.M.

I finished bathing, we got to the hospital and I was admitted.  We called my parents and his parents.  My other M.O.M. amazing..she rubbed my feet the entire time.  When it was “time” she got out quickly.  She didn’t want to see all of that.  My mom would perch next to my bed with a crossword puzzle.  We were doing it together to keep me focused and every time I would have a contraction,

I would close my eyes and I would hear her pray.  Not that I didn’t appreciate those prayers, but at one point, I *may* have screamed at her to shut her pie hole because God is the one that allowed Eve to bear pain in childbirth and He wasn’t going to stop it so she needed too.  Oops.  Daddy would just stand there and let me squeeze his hand.

Filming is a No-No

Bart tried to film me until I opened my eyes and threatened to shove the camera up to his butt.  Bless.  I remember at one point, laying on my side (I have high blood pressure and my body didn’t handle labor very well) and I opened my eyes.  When I did, I saw two of my mother in law and two of my husband.  My thought was “oh, Lord….this is too much…”

Dr. Green

I had gotten a bit delirious from the rise in my bp.  I was close to stroking out when Dr. Green (he looks like Opie and the sweetest man alive) said they needed to give me shots of Magnesium Sulfate or I was going to die.  I didn’t know what he meant.  I thought he was going to put something in my IV.

Oh, no….he turned me over and got a needle the size of Kansas.  I begged him to wait until my contraction was over and he refused.  He stabbed that thing in my hip and then rolled me over and did the other side.  It felt like hot lava or molasses rolling through my veins.  I got very lightheaded after that.  I puked…a lot 🙁

1% That it *Does Not* Work In

We opted for an epidural and a little bitty short fella came in.  The doctors and nurses managed to get me upright and I was told to not move.  I couldn’t understand him because everyone sounded like they were in a well and he was Middle Eastern.  He had a thick accent.  I remember the pain of the needle prick and they kept telling me “soon, you won’t feel anything.”


All of them were LIARS.

I felt everything.  The little fella came back in after about an hour and said: “you still feel pain?”  I just remember looking at him and saying “come a little closer you *&^(%* and I will show you what I am feeling.”  He tried to give me more and it still didn’t work.  Come to find out (3 babies later) that I am the 1% that epidurals don’t work.  Swell.

After many many hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing….out came my sweet girl.  7 lbs. 14 ozs. of pure preciousness.  I can’t even describe to anyone the feeling I got when I heard her cry and saw her sweet cone-headed little self.  She was loud and scrunchy.

So beautiful.  So perfect.  I was in love.

It wasn’t like the love I have for my husband…it was different.  I thought my heart was going to explode.  Maybe that was because I almost died and it was almost going to explode, but I choose to believe that it was just the overwhelming feeling of thankfulness and joy.

Thank you, Lord

Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be this little girl’s mama.  She is going to make her mark on this world and I’m so proud that I will have a front-row seat in seeing what she will do with her life!  You did well when you created her.

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