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Getting It Done

Getting It Done

Getting It Done

Today, my goal is getting it done. I slept in, which was glorious. It is a rainy day, and I love sleeping in on rainy days. We have one child dog sitting for the week, one child on a church retreat, one child at a friend’s house, and three children home just watching movies and playing. I’m trying to sit here and ignore the fact that school starts back up on Monday. Sigh I need to let that resonate. School. Starts. Monday. Ugh.

My goal this weekend is to get my house put back together. Christmas stuff has long been put away in the attic. The problem is that in 2014, I started slacking in the cleaning department. Well, the organizing/cleaning/keeping stuff put where they belong department. I was aware of it all last year but chose to ignore that still small voice that said: “get your stuff in order.”

Eventually, I will get it done. It is wise to keep a trash bag/can and a giveaway box handy to help out. Once all the boxes are full, I put the giveaway box in the truck to drop off at a local Needline, and I take the garbage to the garbage.

A Few Days Ago

I tackled all but one of my kitchen cabinets. There was a point where I got them all cleaned out and reorganized them. One drawer, however, needs to be finished under the stove. Then, I refilled my homemade spices (seasoning, enchilada, taco, spaghetti, ranch, onion soup mixes).

Mixing my spice mixes is one way that I save money. While I’m doing that, it depletes my spices, so I made a detailed list of the things I needed to buy in bulk at Sams. I also need to organize/sweep out the pantry. That will finish up the kitchen.


I started in the laundry room and went through every nook and cranny. It was an intentional moment when I put every tool back in its spot. Also, I wiped every surface and underneath surfaces and did all the laundry. At some point, I still need to clean out the dryer hose and deep down the lint tray of the dryer. It feels good. 

All the floor mats and blankets/sheets need washing. The pillows need refreshing by throwing them in the dryer on fluff with a sponge made with my homemade dryer sheets. I will have the kids (after they strip their bedding and bring me their pillows) spray Febreze on their mattresses and flip them, if necessary.

I also replenished all of my homemade cleaners.

Big Daddy’s Job

Big Daddy is running all my mundane errands. Furthermore, Bart is working on refinancing our home to get us a fixed rate. He is also picking up a kid, medicine, and doing most of the grocery shopping. We will do the rest tomorrow night at Sams.

The living room is clean. I still need to dust and clean the windows. Also, I need to brush off the dog hair from my furniture and clean one piece of furniture. At some point, I need to move everything to sweep/mop underneath. I also want to make sure the school closet has been gone through. I went on a quest to organize Big Daddy’s movie obsession. I’m thrilled that he is parting with some movies. We still have a TON, but I got some new shelving and have them all pretty and easy to find.

I also hung and set up pictures. I have a pile on my mantle of things that people have left here by accident. I’m thrilled to have got rid of most of that stuff.

The dining room is the same way. It just needs a good sweeping/mopping. I want to tackle my appliance closet. Oh, and the boys’ toy closet. The little boys will help me with that. It is their stuff. They need to learn how to organize their belongings to make them easier to find. I will also wash all of their play clothes because they STINK.


I cleaned the carpet upstairs, so I need to dust and vacuum up there. There is a deep need to rehang my curtains and put my books back where they belong instead of haphazardly stacking them everywhere. Recently, I went through my filing cabinet upstairs and shredded a lot, threw away a lot, and then organized the rest. Finally, I have all my appliance booklets in a binder to make them easier to find. That has helped a ton.

The kids’ bedrooms need their carpets cleaned and vacuumed. They also need to be dusted. We need to go through and find all the socks that don’t have a match. I do this frequently. We throw away holey socks and holey underwear, and when there isn’t a match, I have a small laundry basket in the laundry room that I can put it in or look through.

The girls’ socks are pretty easy to weed through. They already wear mismatched socks. The boys, however, go through socks like water. We don’t have to try on/go through clothes again.


The kids’ schoolwork is ready for them. They each have the buckets that house their stuff in them. All the tablets are powered and ready. Schedules are all done because I do it a year at a time.

I’ve got this…………….really, I do!!!!!!!

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