First Low Carb Lunch

First Low Carb Lunch

First Low Carb Lunch

Here is our first First Low Carb Lunch.  For lunch, tomorrow, for Big Daddy, I made Tuna Patties.  This is a CARB FREE recipe.  I also packed him some cabbage steaks (2.5 grams of carbs), 14 cheese cubes (0 carbs), 2 celery sticks (2 carbs), 1 boiled egg (0 carbs).

Tuna Patties

1 can tuna, drained

1 egg

Mix together and form into two patties.

Brown on both sides until done.

They look much like salmon patties.


This was much like the salmon patties (without bones) that my mom used to make.  Bart seemed to enjoy it, so I guess I will be making this for him more often.  I will, however, do this in the Air Fryer to see what that does.  This contraption is something I haven’t quite got the hang of but will soon.

We are not diehard low carb, no-carb people.  We do try to drastically reduce them for breakfast and lunch.  Suppers, however, I just cook whatever and we moderate our portion size.  This seems like a good fit for our family for now.  We are sort of sniffing around using Weight Watchers.  I want something that is sustainable and not a fad.

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