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Guess Who Has Lyme Disease?

Guess Who Has Lyme Disease?

Guess who has Lyme disease:  Hereditary??

Hey!  Guess Who Has Lyme Disease?  By definition, the word hereditary means determined by genetic factors.

Simply put, it can be passed down from generation to generation because Lyme is not properly diagnosed (or misdiagnosed) or treated promptly

Lyme disease and co-infections are a generation to generational gift.


Although I’ve never been sick like Callie was I know I am a carrier of this little gem because she had it.

A tick can carry Lyme disease.

However, Lyme is likely to be congenital.

Ever notice that people in your families have similar health issues?  Do you ever wonder why or just think that you are next in line for XY or Z?

It doesn’t matter that you have had a negative test for Lyme.

Callie had three negative tests.  The discouragement is real.  Also, the weird and random symptoms were real.  Fighting, going against the grain of society, and then seeking out alternative methods to healing is the key.  I’m not saying that modern medicine is not something you need.  It is.  What I’m saying is sometimes you need more.

For more information on hereditary Lyme Disease, please head over to GARD Website.


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