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What IS Lyme Disease?

What IS Lyme Disease?

What IS Lyme Disease?  Borrelia:  A tick-borne illness that can cause fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and a bulls-eye rash.  This is only one part of Lyme Disease.  There are about a billion other things that are comorbid with this disease.  The bulls-eye rash is unmistakable.  What starts out as a tiny little bump begins to get bigger, warmer, and hard around the center.  That’s when you know that it is more than a typical tick bite.  Seek treatment.  Do not settle.

It is a corkscrew-shaped bacteria that gets all up in there and “screws” into place.  This makes it incredibly hard to get rid of because of that shape.  There is so much information on the CDC website.

I mean, look at that list above.  ALS!  MS!  Alzheimer’s!  Lupus!  Bi-Polar Disorder!  There are so many more.  I’m so thankful for where the Lord led us.

As we chose to follow His path, Callie was healed through non-typical methods.  Step out of your box.  Color outside the lines.  Be the patient who does not settle for a blanket diagnosis.  Find the root of your illness.  You can do this because you are capable and strong.

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