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What IS Lyme Disease?

What IS Lyme Disease

What IS Lyme Disease?  Borrelia:  A tick-borne illness that can cause fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and the bulls-eye rash.  This is only one part of Lyme Disease.  There are about a billion other things that are comorbid with this disease.

It is a corkscrew-shaped bacteria that gets all up in there and “screws” into place.  This makes it incredibly hard to get rid of because of that shape.

I mean, look at that list above.  ALS!  MS!  Alzheimer’s!  Lupus!  Bi-Polar Disorder!  There are so many more.  I’m so thankful where the Lord led us.

As we chose to follow His path, Callie was healed through non-typical methods.  Step out of your box.  Color outside the lines.  Be the patient who does not settle for a blanket diagnosis.  Find the root of your illness.  You can do this because you are capable and strong.

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