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Insomnia or as Callie used to call it Lymsomnia is a very common symptom of Lyme disease.
Before treatment insomnia kept Callie up all night anywhere from 2-4 nights per week.

That fact adds up over several years.  Erik and I took turns sitting up with her so she didn’t feel alone.  Sadly, this is why we have so many wrinkles haha!  Insomnia is so hard to deal with.  Losing sleep, restless sleep, or interrupted sleep can cause so many other issues.  It is a never-ending cycle.  Maybe the term “Lymsomnia” should be in the dictionary.

Sleep Deprivation

Some of the signs that you may be struggling with sleep deprivation are memory issues and critical thinking skills.  There can be mood changes, high blood pressure issues, weakened immune systems, and more.  Most people blindly accept what diagnosis they are given.  Then, they do as the instructions say on the bottle.  But.  What if it is more.

Sound Familiar?

If you are reading this and these things sound familiar, do not ask your doctor for a Lyme test.  This will likely come back negative.  This is one of the reasons so many people are slipping through the cracks.  Also, not getting a proper diagnosis.  
The test most doctors use is completely ineffective.  There are one test and only one reliable lab in the country.  Igenex Labs.


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