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ALS and Lyme

ALS and Lyme Sneaky Little Bug

ALS and Lyme

ALS and Lyme Sneaky Little Bug.  Lou Gehrig’s Disease is often misdiagnosed, however, the root is undiagnosed Lyme Disease.  This is one reason that Lyme is such a sneaky little bug.

There are so many things that run comorbid with Lyme.  The comorbid diagnosis is the one with the name, when Lyme gets away, undetected.  Again, have your doctor do testing through Igenex.  That is the key.  Please, advocate for yourself if something seems off.

This is why it is so easy to be misdiagnosed and miss.

Sadly, that it is the beast that is Lyme Disease

This disease is absolutely horrible.  A cure needs to be found.  The other items, listed above in the picture, are also hard.  It saddens me that one little thing can cause and wreak so much havoc.  So often it is misdiagnosed and people suffer.  Needlessly.  I mean, I had Lyme show up because my mom had it.  This is crazy and we have to advocate for ourselves and our health.  No one else will do it because only you know you.

For more on ALS, please check out The ALS Association.


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