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Where Does It Hurt?

Where Does It Hurt?Where does it hurt?

So, where does it hurt?  Your joints, your head, your fingertips, your back?  Why are there so many symptoms of Lyme disease?

The bacteria is corkscrew-shaped and can bore into any tissue or organ in your body.  How scary is that?  It creeps me out to think of something that bores into my skin or my organs.

Some people have neurological issues because it is predominantly in their brain, some in their digestive tract or back or anywhere from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes making it difficult to diagnose just based on symptoms alone.

Testing is super easy with the Western blot test from Igenex Labs!

When your body is hurting, all over, it is time to enlist the big guns at Igenex Labs!  This is the lab that has the most accurate test results.  Other tests may come back as a false negative.  You want to be accurate in determining whether or not you have Lyme Disease.  Please be wise.  Ask questions.  Advocate for yourself.  It can be hard and intimidating but you are your only advocate.  Be loud and be heard.

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