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How To Get Tested

How To Get Tested?

ONE lab ONLY for a proper diagnosis.

Please do not ask for a Lyme test without calling it by name.  Most doctors, unless they are Lyme literate, do not know which one to give. You will get a false negative.

Don’t believe me?

While searching for answers about why Callie was sick she had three tests for Lyme.  They were all negative!  This delayed her diagnosis and treatment because we crossed that off our list of possibilities.

I’m glad to help you find Lyme literate docs.  If you do get a positive, message me.  I will tell you the most effective and fastest treatment!  It isn’t hard!


How To Get Tested

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  1. Hello, I have been diagnosed with lymes disease and did the right test. Unless I am missing it I can’t find the treatment part. Can you please direct me in the right direction, thank you Dawn Bycsek

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