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My Lady Go Big or Go Home

My Lady Go Big or Go HomeMy Lady Go Big or Go Home.

My Lady Go Big or Go Home.  Flashing back to June 2, 2017, I went to check on my Lady.  When I got to her house, she was nowhere to be found.  I walked around, gathered laundry, and straightened her house.  Then, I called her son and granddaughter to see where she might be.  I knew she had not felt well.  What I didn’t know was that she had gotten significantly worse since I was there a few days earlier.

In They Walk

While I was on the phone with her youngest son, her granddaughter was walking in the door with her.  My Lady’s belly was huge, tight…her legs were so swollen.  She could hardly breathe and all she wanted to do was to lay down in her bed.  She rarely does this when I am there.  We got her in the bed and I spoke with her granddaughter.

The doctors thought that she needed her gallbladder taken out.  So, they had scheduled an appointment for the following morning to consult with a surgeon.  However, upon more discussion, it was decided that if they happened to keep her, she needed to be at a hospital that her neurologist was in.  This is because of her stroke a couple of years ago. So, her son took her to the ER.  I was going to run to a baseball game for one of my kids.  Then head to the hospital to spend the night.

Once at the hospital…we realized how severe this was.

Doctors were coming in right and left and they were throwing out terms like “cirrhosis of the liver, kidney disease, congestive heart failure, UTI…”  We must have looked like we were from a different planet cause we were not prepared for all of that.  UTI, sure…she has those a lot.  The rest, we had NO CLUE on.  We were constantly asked how we didn’t know and who her doctor was.  We kindly told all the professionals that she is always at the doctor and no one had even begun to mention any of these things…only that she needed her gallbladder removed.

Blood Thinner = Trouble

Little could be done because she is on a blood thinner and that had to be out of her system for 5 days before any invasion testing could be done.  Lots of tests, lots of sharing her info, lots of little sleep, and being watchful ended up with one of the doctors saying call the family in.  It was one of those moments that seems like the person talking is talking in slow motion and that all you see are their lips moving but you hear no words coming out of their mouths.  I stayed with her until that following Monday.  We took turns sitting with her and watching her.  It was a struggle for her to breathe because of the 2 gallons of fluid on her belly…she had little energy…and she was simply tired.

Calling the Family

I knew on Tuesday that her oldest son was coming to town.  Also, some of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren flying in.  What a legacy this woman has and she is SO well-loved by her family.  I decided that I would not come to the hospital that day.  Simply because I wanted to be respectful of her family and their precious time together.  I played catch up around here and ran some errands.

Nothing out of the ordinary until I got a call. My Lady Go Big or Go Home.  She is never in between.

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