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The Prophecy and The Call

The Prophecy and The Call

The Prophecy and The Call.  Last December, we were at church and we were getting ready to worship. We have been church hunting for a while and we landed on Christian Fellowship.  Honestly, we knew the pastor and his wife, as well as, a few families.  We had not been going very long, but it was definitely different than what we were used to.

People Watching

Before service started, there was a welcome and then our pastor called up a man because he had a “word” to give some people in the congregation.  We have learned that this is somewhat normal, but still very abnormal to our family…we simply were not used to that.   So, we sat and we watched this man pace back and forth in front of the congregation.

I am a people watcher/reader and the thing that caught my eye was the fact that he never opened his eyes when he was pacing or talking.  He kept touching the insides of his hands.  You could tell that he was uncomfortable but being obedient. He said that he had had this word from the Lord.  Also, he wanted to make sure that it was, indeed, from Him and not from this man’s flesh.  However, he realized through his sleepless nights that this was from the Lord and he had to be obedient.

The Word

He said that he had a word for someone in the congregation and so we sat, listened, and watched him pace.  He made his way down the aisle that we were sitting on and he stopped in front of Big Daddy.  I felt like all the oxygen had been sucked out of the room and my mind was whirling.  He asked Big Daddy to stand up.  I looked up to the altar, where our pastor was standing, and he gave me a look, a nod, and a smile that it was okay.

This man, whom we had never seen or met, told Big Daddy to hold onto his hand.  Now, Big Daddy is not a tiny man and his hands are ginormous, so when he stands, he is noticed. This man said that the Lord was telling him to “Hold on. Hold on tight to the rope and do not let go.  To trust and just hold on tight.”  I felt an energy move through me and tears flowed freely, which I don’t usually cry or get swept up in my emotions, so this was strange to me.  The moment was fleeting but the air was thick and I knew, in my soul, we were in for a ride.

Come the beginning of 2017… many things happened.

My daddy had quadruple bypass surgery.  Then, my niece was sentenced and my nephew was close behind her.  My daughter went to military school due to behavior.  Also, we had a family issue involving another baby that was devastating.  Oh, let’s not forget my oldest daughter called off her engagement.  She was downsized at work.  We were also fighting with insurance companies for my son’s surgery that he needs.  Add that to my Lady getting sick.  Then, the straw that broke the camel’s back happened.  Needless to say, we were reminded to “hold on” a lot over the course of the first 6 mths of 2017.

Even More

During the incident involving a family member…Big Daddy and I were trying hard to win a case and it was simply out of our hands.  We knew what we could do to help the situation…we were willing…but it was not our call.  As I spoke to a friend of mine, she said that I needed to “hold onto hope.”  She also said that the Hebrew meaning of “hope” is “rope”, so hold onto the rope.  I caught my breath and I texted her back and asked her who had told her that.  She said it was a word from the Lord to me.  I asked her if she knew the man that had said the same thing back in December and she did not know him.  That is twice, the Lord has said to “hold on.”  I felt like we had held on pretty well.

My Sister

Then the call came.  My sister called me on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.  Now, she rarely calls me on a Tuesday…we talk on Monday 🙂  I asked her if everything was okay and she said that she woke up to an odd text.  She said it was from a friend, a former neighbor, that she used to walk with.  That friend said that the Lord placed my name on her heart and that she was praying for me.  I have never met, spoken to, or even seen a picture of this woman.  She simply knows me from what my sister had said and I’m sure I wasn’t the topic of every conversation…although I am awesome like that.  I told my sister I did not like that and that meant that something was fixing to happen.  My sister told me to take it as a blessing, but I was unsettled.


After he got sick, Hunter and I spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital.  I missed my family, I was tired, and I was over it.  The doctors had told me 1005 things and none of it was good.  Thankfully, one day, my sister (Hunter’s Mamaw) came up to give me some respite on MRI day.

She came in and handed me my flatter than a flat pillow, my granny’s quilt, and a gift from my daddy.  Here, again, I am told to “hold on” in some form or fashion.  I carry that with me, to this day.  It is a reminder that my heavenly Father and my Earthly father love me and know that it is all going to be okay!

The Prophecy and The Call

That Tuesday, we saw a rogue zebra.

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