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Our Family, Friends, Church, and Community

Our Family, Friends, Church, and Community

Our Family, Friends, Church, and Community

Our Family, Friends, Church, and Community have come together during the last few weeks.  We have seen our family, friends, church body, and the community come together to bless our family.  They have all done this in a very difficult time.  There is no way I can express how loved we feel.  Also, how blessed we are to have complete strangers stand in the gap for us through prayer.  They have also provided financial donations, built a ramp, provided suppers, provided groceries, carting kids around, buying necessities, and so much more.

We are, generally, the givers and doers.  The hands and feet of Jesus, so to speak.  So this is all new to us.  This is not the path we would have chosen for our family.   It is what it is though.  I will not love Jesus any less for this trial we are walking through.  Most days, I do not say “why us”…I say “why not us.”   Who better to walk this path than our family.  We are being taught great things.  Also, we are being blessed right and left.

I want to say that we are humbled by the graciousness and love.  We would love for this illness to just be a season of our lives, but it may be our new way of normal.  It is in hope that, one day, when we get used to our new life, that we will be able to serve others in the way we have been served.

Marcella’s Kitchen

Ms. Marcella founder of Marcella’s Kitchen.  She and her team of volunteers are an amazing blessing to our family….they have graciously fed our family for a month while I was gone and when we got home.  They even brought it to my house 5 days a week…..for free.

God is good!

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