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So I had a Hysterectomy

So I had a Hysterectomy

So I had a Hysterectomy.  A hysterectomy is a little slice of hell with a side of pain.

Laparoscopic Surgery

The surgery was laparoscopic.  They took my uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes.  They also evacuated the large grapefruit sized fibroid that was taking up residence in my uterus.  While they were “all up in my stuff”, they also helped my bladder out a little bit.  She needed a little assistance to stay up and where she belongs.

Rockstar Doctor and Nurses

My dr and nurses were rockstars.  I was not apprehensive one bit.  One thing I remember is them saying that they were giving me happy juice.  I didn’t feel like that was necessary because I was not nervous, scared of freaking out.  Though, I was a bit dizzy.  I believe that is because I was laying flat and my Meniere’s was kicking in.  The next thing I remember is being done and back in my room with my husband and my mom.

My sole goal…was to pee LOL.  I attempted that feat and let’s just say it was a failed attempt.  My poor mama has been with me through LOTS of unsavory times in my life.  I’m so thankful for her and her attempt at getting me to pee by running water LOL.  Headed back to my little room….did some checks and such and then I forced myself to pee so I could get out of that hospital.

Heading Home Same Day of Surgery

Yes, I left the day of my surgery.

No, Big Daddy was not thrilled.

I left with a bandaid on either side of my belly button and then on top of my belly button.  I also had 2 “catheters” that were inserted one on each side.  It held this numbing medication that kept my belly numb from Friday till when I pulled the second catheter out yesterday.  I was not sure it worked.

There was one ball that was deflating at a normal rate.  However, the other was not.  I had to go in on Sunday and come to find out, it was clogged.  Thankfully, they fixed that.  I pulled one ball (when it deflates, the medicine is gone) out on Monday night.  However, the other I pulled out on Tuesday night.  I thought it was clogged again because it was not deflating and I really really REALLY wanted a shower.

So…I took it out.

Within about 10 minutes, I realized that the ball was indeed, working and now I was hurting.  Like not just a little tug or a little pain…., I could not stand up straight kind of hurting.  I got my shower….and then I went back to bed.  The things I have noticed so far……I pee a lot and it is orange (thanks to the Pyridium that helps my bladder from having spasms), take stool softeners to help but do not take too many or you will never leave the bathroom.

Take your meds…..for the love of all that is good and holy….take them. I have cut my painkillers in 1/2 and I’m trying to only rely on my 800 mg ibuprofen.  Laying on your side…just don’t.  Really, trust me.  Wear big clothes and get some undies a size up.  There will be swelling and tight drawers are no fun.

Still Fat

You will not lose weight overnight LOL….yes, I thought that and it was a stupid thought.  Every time you get up to go and pee…walk walk walk.  Even if it hurts to walk around.  You will cry.  Not necessarily out of pain, though it is not fun…just my emotions are all over the place.  I cried at a youtube video.  Simply could not pull it together.

Give yourself grace.

I had the least invasive surgery, but it is still MAJOR surgery where organs (plural) are removed.  1 week of nothing but rest (only climb stairs twice a day), week 2 join the rest of your crew but sit on the couch.  Do not lift.  Climb.  Dance.  Run.  Exercise.  After week 2, you just need to take it easy for the next 4 weeks.  6 weeks of a whole lot of nothing.  If you do not listen to your body…rest when you can….you will have scar tissue and that is something that you will pay for…forever.

So….I’m resting.  My family is waiting on me.  I’m showering, napping (some), sleeping at night (little), and eating…some.

Here’s to hoping I feel way better sooner rather than later.

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