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Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old

Wisdom from a 3 Yr OldHere is my Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old.  The day after I came home from my hysterectomy, he was missing his mama because I had been upstairs resting.

Every night, before bed, Hunter crawls up in the bed with me and we snuggle.  This particular night was no different, but I warned him that my belly was hurting.  To help in his understanding, I showed him my band-aids on my belly.  I told him he needed to be gentle.

In his wisdom, my sweet baby looked up at me and said: “Mama, we need to put some oils on your belly to feel better.”  Uhm, yes we do, sweetness……I have officially become an oily mama with an OMS baby who LOVES his oils.

Love that I’m teaching him about alternative ways to help heal and nurture our bodies with natural solutions instead of synthetic medications!  He does not hesitate to ask for oils when he is feeling bad or hurt.  That blesses my heart.  He has his own little prediluted roller bottles that he has access to 24/7.  In the Wisdom from a 3 Yr Old, he chose wintergreen for me to have on my belly 🙂

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