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Wordless Wednesday Lady Edition

Wordless Wednesday Lady Edition

Wordless Wednesday Lady Edition

Here is a Wordless Wednesday Lady Edition for you.  One day, soon, I will be able to not go to bed at 3:30 am.  One day.  Insomnia is hard.  So.  Very.  Hard.  It can strike out of nowhere and take you captive.  I have found myself trying to fall asleep in a chair, the floor, the closet, the living room.  Maybe a different environment can trick my body into sleep.  In this Wordless Wednesday Lady Edition, her couch was not necessarily my friend.  However, her chair was my bestie.

Nothing Has Worked

Nothing has worked and insomnia has ruled my life, at times.  I have tried Melatonin, Ambien, and Oils.  Sadly, each time, they work for a bit and then they stop.  I get one night of rest and that one night is fleeting.  However, this was the story of my life for a very long time.  I wish I could show her this Wordless Wednesday Lady Edition.  First, she knows her name is Lady.  Secondly, she finds joy in knowing my peace is found in her presence (and my green chair).

My Lady

Amazingly, my Lady would let me sleep at her house and I would sleep like a baby.  Granted, it was only a 15-20 minute power nap.  Amazingly though, I felt like I could conquer the world after those afternoons.  It was, quite possibly, the peace that I would feel when I would walk into her home.

This is a bit different.  For instance, I would meld into her green chair, not her sofa.  Finally, I would lull off to sleep with the sounds of her eating and Jag on the television.  Many moments, I would wake up with drool running down my face.  I would look at her, startled, and she would sit there smiling at me.  I miss her.


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