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Happy 17th Birthday Gigi

Happy 17th Birthday Gigi

Happy 17th Birthday Gigi

Happy 17th Birthday Gigi.  It has been 11 years since you blew into our lives.

Here are some fun facts about Gigi:



-loves children

-fantastic at fixing hair

-a deep love of reading

-learning how to believe in yourself

-you have a bright future

Hands Down

Hands down, the most difficult child I have ever had the privilege of raising.  Gracious, you have given me gray hairs and wrinkles all in one look.  You are maturing into a young woman, now, and it is a blessing to watch.  I have watched you rage for hours with pain and venom.  On the other hand, I have seen you laugh until you cry because of something silly.

I am anxious to see what the Lord has in store for your future.  It is my hope that you are able to live on your own.  I know that is your desire and with the necessary things in place, we hope that you can succeed in that!  We have no idea what you are going to do with your life, but I pray that it honors God in all that you do.

You are loved.

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