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My Bowels are Stirring

My Bowels are Stirring

My Bowels are Stirring

Well, My Bowels are Stirring at the thought of watching my daughter walk down the aisle to marry this boy.  Then there is the whole watching her daddy “give” her away.  I’m not sure I can handle the pressure of listening to them pour out their hearts by writing their own vows.  Oh, and the whole part of hearing them say “I do.”  Sigh.  We have 10 more days until I am a mother-in-law.  How did that happen?

We are going to surprise her during the ceremony.  She gets really tense when all eyes are on her.  So, one of her favorite movies is The Princess Bride.  Ironically, it is also one of our pastor’s favorite movies.  So, in honor of that, he is going to do the “Mawage” speech to get her giggling.  We are not telling anyone, so I’m not sure what the audience will think LOL.

I only have to do this 6 more times.  Let that resonate in your soul.  We clearly were not thinking when we decided to have all the kids.  Clearly not.  Seriously, My Bowels are Stirring.

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