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Happy 20th Birthday Alyssa

Happy 20th Birthday Alyssa


Happy 20th Birthday Alyssa

Happy 20th Birthday Alyssa!  I cannot even stand it!

Here are some fun facts about my girl:

-prefers even numbers

-hates math

-eats the weirdest things

-LOVES animals

-the only child with a dimple, right where her Papaw had his dimple

-my only blue-eyed child

-Very sneaky

-laughs WAY too loudly at her own jokes

-loves Disney movies

-Quite possibly my favorite pic of her

I can’t even!

She is so funny, yet so stoic.  Her laughing at her own jokes is absolutely hysterical because she just gets all over herself.  The way she chews, hahaha, I can’t even.  She chews with her lips in a ‘pursed’ position.  I mean seriously, I can hardly eat because I watch her eating.  Oh, the joy she brings.  She is 20, how can that be?

So Blessed

To get the privilege of being her mama.  She definitely makes life a little bit brighter and joyful when she is around.  Unless, of course, she is stressing out about something, and then she looks at you with her “Go To Canada” look.  Stress makes her meaner than a snake.  Luckily, I see through that facade and I can keep her in line.

Most of the time, anyway!

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