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Happy 17th Birthday Noah

Happy 17th Birthday NoahHappy 17th Birthday Noah

Happy 17th Birthday Noah.  This boy of mine is 17 today.

Here are some fun facts about my boy:

-He is my last child born “under” my heart.

-loves to read

-great at construction

-works hard

-LOVES his little brother, Hunter

-eats…a lot (his favorite food is Stuffed Pepper Soup)

-talented in baseball

-the only child with special blessings from both my sisters

-has my heart

In this case, no one asked my permission for him to get older.  I simply cannot believe that my last, biological child, is 17.  However, here he is one year away from being an “adult”.  Who came up with the fact that 18-year-olds are adults?  Ironically, the brain is not even fully developed until their mid-20s, but whatever, no one asked me.

Happy birthday, Boo.

You have my love beyond measure.  Honestly, it makes me physically ill to see you growing up and spreading your wings.  Soon, you will be leaving the nest.  There must be some sort of program that I can go through to help me adjust.  I’m not sure I will be able to function.  Maybe, just maybe, I can talk you into living here forever.

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