Hamburger Casserole

Hamburger Casserole

Hamburger Casserole

2 lb ground beef

2 tsp minced garlic

1 small onion

Seasoning (recipe for that below)

2 cans cream of mushroom

8 oz. cheddar

3 c. chopped fresh spinach

4-5 potatoes, skinned and cubed

In a large pan (I use my Instant Pot), saute up the beef, onion, garlic, and seasoning.

Once that is done and drained, add in your spinach, 1/2 your cheese, soups, and potatoes.  Top with the remainder of the cheese.

Mix it all up and put it in a greased 13×9 dish.  Have the oven preheated to 350.  Cover the dish and cook for 1 hr.  Take off the aluminum foil and cook for another 30 minutes or so.


Seasoning Recipe

1 c. kosher salt

1/8 c. pepper

1/4 c. garlic powder

1/4 c. onion powder

I put all of this in a clean parmesan container and I usually double it.  I use this to season everything.

Side Note

I use the above recipe to season everything.  At one point, I eliminated the garlic powder due to the fact that Hunter was allergic to it.  I just added in more onion powder.  Here is another recipe that I enjoy making.  Also, I have discovered how to make a gluten-free green bean casserole.

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