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Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We

Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We

Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We

Part 1 Heading to Paris or Are We?  Let’s all just take a moment and soak in the beauty of David.  Michelangelo was a master in his craft.  I mean……God created this man and honed his craft to leave people like me, breathless.  I love art, always have had a great love of art.  Through painting, sketching, and doodling…..I enjoy expressing myself and my emotions.  My dream is to go to the Louvre in Paris.  I want to just absorb it all.  I don’t want a guide, I don’t want to be in a group, I want the freedom to just walk, stand, admire, and ingest all the glory of all my favorite artists.  It is a dream.  To see this in person… see the Headless Angel… see the Mona Lisa……….Oh.  My.  Word.  Can you even imagine?

25th Anniversary Trip

The GLORY of this is that I’m going to go!!!!!  Next year, Big Daddy and I will have been married for 25 years.  God willing, our trip, to celebrate, will be in Europe.  Big Daddy does not care for museums or art, but this……..I could and probably will spend an entire day there…..just reveling in the beauty of these timeless pieces.

When we go on vacation, I spend MONTHS researching.  I will find places that we both want to go to.  There will be a time when I research all the restaurants, cool attractions, prep (financially) for any things that require money.  I will have a complete itinerary.  When we went on our 20th anniversary, I had 8 pages of places, addresses, phone numbers, websites and that was just to go to Niagara Falls!  Planning is actually fun for me.  I am SO excited.  This is on my bucket list.  This is a dream.  Bart and I live in the US.  We have visited Canada, Mexico,  and Africa.  We still have a few more continents to go before I will be content 🙂

Flying Away to Paris

Now, I can imagine being on that plane (I love to fly) and jetting off into the sunset.  My kids and pets are all well taken care of at home.  I have my fella and we are off!  There is a moment when I’m so excited, I can’t even stand it.  I can imagine being even more excited than when I went to Africa *cue heartstrings cause I love Ethiopia.*  As we travel, we eat, sleep, watch tv, read, and use the bathroom on this plane.  It is our home for however many hours we are on it and we are going to revel in this little getaway.

When I read this poem……it reminded me of our trip that we ARE planning for next year.  My mind began to wander and this is the scenario that I imagined……

We get the overhead notification that we are preparing to descend.  Finally, we are there.  We have made it, we have arrived.  We start to land and as the plane is screeching down the runway to make a stop….we hear “WELCOME TO HOLLAND.”

Part 2:  Uhm……..NO!

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