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Debt Train is Derailed

Debt Train is Derailed


Our Debt Train is Derailed. For the love….that’s really all I have to say about that.  We are doing SO well at controlling our spending habits.  Finally, chipping away at our debt.  What does one do when their train is suddenly derailed.

That’s sort of how it is feeling, right now.

It has rained, in our part of the world, a lot.  I mean, it has rained.  It has rained so freaking much I halfway expect the ark to resurface and go down my road.  It is so irritating because this mama NEEDS sunshine.  I don’t want to sweat and I don’t want to be cold…I pretty much want to dwell in heaven where the weather is perfect and everyone is kind to one another.

Sorry, sidetracked.

Well, Big Daddy went to the closet to get ready for work and he noticed the water was coming from our air vent.  He had no time, so he put a Christmas cookie jar under it to catch the water :/  (Seriously).  He whispered to me there was a leak and he used the cookie jar.  I half-heard him and went back to bed.  When I got up, I walked into the closet and I saw the leak, but there was no cookie jar….so I put a Tupperware bowl under it.  It was in the crease of the wall dripping down the wall.  Let’s all rejoice in the fun when I called him and asked him where the cookie jar was and come to find out…there are two leaks.

Yep…there’s that.

Fast forward a few days and G noticed there was water on the side of the downstairs toilet.  Well, I have a lot of boys in my house, so I assume it is pee.  What do I do?  I wipe it up and I sniff it.  It is not pee.  The toilet is leaking from behind the toilet.  Cue excitement.  The toilet is around 800 years old, so there is no other solution than to replace the toilet.  As luck would have it, it wasn’t as easy, and cheap, as it should’ve had been.

Crap Dishwasher

Oh, it is not done yet.  Water is our nemesis in this house.  Noah has said MANY times that there is water on the floor, on the other side of the kitchen in the dining room.  I have dogs….assumed it was pee.  Therefore, I wiped and smelled.  It was not pee.  It was now a quest to find where the water was coming from.  We found out.  Noah was running the dishwasher, in our kitchen that we remodeled a year ago, and he said there was water on the floor.  The dishwasher was leaking.  Then Daniel said that he cleans water up there every day.  He thought it was pee, he didn’t want to get in trouble (his job is taking out the dogs), so he just cleans it up and doesn’t tell me FOR WEEKS.

Calling in All Reinforcements

I stop the dishwasher, clean it out, call Bart and not realize that 1+1=2.  Then my son in law comes over.  He had been helping Bart replace the toilet.  He walked down the hall to the bathroom and I heard him say “Brandi, there is water in your hall.”  I, of course, think it is pee.  What I saw, was where Noah sits and the water is under the bar.  I clean it up, sniff it, and it is not pee.  Sadly, that is not the spot my son in law was talking about….he was standing further down the hall, where there was a puddle of water that had seeped from the dishwasher, under the wall, under the laminate, in the hall.

Yep….there’s that too.

We go to the kitchen and we realize that the spot Noah had been talking about and Daniel had not been telling me are that water had been leaking for quite some time and it had seeped under my brand new cabinets, new bar, and new flooring into the dining room, as well.  Youtube told us that the internal gasket needed to be replaced, so we just cleaned everything up and started stepping all over our brand new floor to see water seeping up from the cracks in the kitchen and bowing in the dining room and hall.

You get the point.

There were dirty dishes in the sink, so Noah was hand washing them…no big deal that was until I opened the cabinet, under the sink, and there was water under my brand new sink.  Yep.  It was leaking.  Luckily, Bart and Ben fixed that.  The leak, under the sinks of the downstairs bathroom sink and upstairs bathroom sink…well, those we are ignoring.

Emergency Fund

We are going to have to use our emergency fund.  Big Daddy is going to work some overtime to cover the costs of all these repairs.  We are going to try and do as much as we can.  Sadly, there are going to be no more band-aid repairs.  These things have to be fixed before more damage occurs.  I don’t want to use all our emergency fund, but that is what it is there for.  That is why it is THE FIRST thing one should do before paying off debt.  Assuming, of course, bills are caught up.

Things come up in an instant or a flurry of them comes up at once.  You want to be prepared, in all circumstances.  It is so hard, but we sold things, we saved coins (literally), he did over time, we used tax money…this is how we stocked up our ER fund.  Once it is gone (and sadly it probably will be), we will start putting money back again to stock it back up.

Sigh…………..this too shall pass, right?

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