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Brandi’s Getting Her Groove Back

Brandi's Getting Her Groove Back

Spring Break Week and Brandi’s Getting Her Groove Back

It is Thursday of spring break week, and I have done a whole lot of nothing. I’ve sat, watched Youtube, had some coke, cooked supper, scratched my head, bit off my fingernails, and played cards with my kids. Just, you know, not a whole lot of productiveness. Now, however, Brandi’s Getting Her Groove Back.

A Hard Time

There was some information shared by a courageous girl. We have had to deal with the knowledge of being lied to by someone. Also, the realizations of someone we love, living two lives. Basically, what are we going to do, moving forward? It was hard. I just had to go to bed. I was on edge. Hunter’s behavior was horrible. Then, the kids were loud. I started snapping at everyone. All this over a mess that someone else created but my family. Yet, my family and I are in the center of the storm. Sigh.

Amongst That Crap Storm

I took advantage of the situation (actually, I was sitting at the table with my head in my hands, crying, eating three bags of fruit snacks), and I had a conversation with G. It was hard. The truth was hard to say, and it was hard for her to hear. She is very similar to the person that has caused such chaos. Her anger has controlled her for so long. She doesn’t even know what she is angry about most of the time. I will talk more about that in a future post.

The Sun is Out and Shining

It is chilly outside, and it is supposed to snow tomorrow. Yet, today the sun is shining. I decided today was the day I was going to get my groove back. Today, I am awake, alert, feeling good, and ready to tackle things.

I had the little boys detail my van! Woot Woot. Boo folded laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and watched Hunter. He just did things that needed to be get done. G helped me. We started in the laundry room.

Daughter #2 is supposed to be on top of the laundry. Well, let’s say that walking into that smell and cesspool of hell got my dander up. We have not had clean towels in quite a while.

Essential Oils to the Rescue

I made some cleaner spray, and I got started cleaning. All over the outside, inside, and drum of my washer. G collected all the dirty laundry. On my agenda is washing all the bedding and curtains. Also, we need towels. The dryer is my nemesis, so I moved there. I tackled every nook and cranny. I took the vent out of the dryer. Then, I got my hand down inside there. I pulled out a ton of lint that had fallen there. I also pulled the dryer out, swept behind everything, and worked on the tubing because it has not been drying very well.

And So It Goes

We washed off the shelves, all the inside of the baskets, cleaned off, and organized the shelving, put things where they belonged, spilled an entire bottle of ammonia. That was fun. I even cleaned out from behind the freezer where clothes get thrown yet never get picked up. Super fun. Once I had all that done, Daniel came in and swept and mopped the floor. The laundry is still going.

I cleaned out my bill holder, got a pile ready to be put upstairs, cleaned out my desk and my junk drawer, cleaned off my mantle the boys and G deep cleaned their room. Big Daddy is going to either rent me a carpet cleaner or he is going to buy me one. It is necessary. You cannot live in a house with nine people, eleven sometimes, with three dogs and three cats, and not need a carpet cleaner.

Creating my EO Recipes

I also got all my essential oils out. In doing that, I combined like bottles. Next, I made a ton of cleaners, carpet deodorizer, car deodorizer, anti-aging face cream, hair thickener, hair growth serum, protective spray blend, tension spray blend. Making EO Recipes for every day is what I love to do!

Plans Moving Forward

Tomorrow is Friday, the 6th, and I plan on tackling the innards of my kitchen and dining room. I also want to address the living room, the game closet, the school closet, and the toy closet.

While I’m doing that, the kids will do their regular chores. We have to stay on top of the little things. By little things, I mean like the massive mounds of dirt that are everywhere. 

Oh, wait, what about the cat food that is everywhere or the disappearing toilet paper problem we have. 

For now, we are working in the house. When my house is all clean, I will move onto organizing our attic. Big Daddy will take the people who live here and organize my garage and do yard work.

We need some roof work done, some gutters and landscaping, swings hung, and such.

Spring is here. Hallelujah sunshine! Beware. Brandi’s Getting Her Groove Back.


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