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Operation Get out of debt Buy or Rent

Operation Get out of debt Buy or Rent

Operation Get out of debt Buy or Rent?  In my, personal, quest of getting my groove back, and our marital quest of getting out of debt… begs the question of whether we purchase a product or rent a product.  Either of these options would get the job done, but what about the long run?  Is this a one time use product and you will never need it again?  It could be a product that could, potentially, be used for several months/years?

That was my question.

In getting my groove back, I’ve been deep cleaning every facet of our home.  There has not been a corner/cabinet/floor/closet that has not been touched, decluttered, or cleaned.  I can only do so much in the areas of my children’s bedrooms, the stairs to my bedroom, and my bedroom floor.  This carpet was here when we bought the house, 10 years ago.  I’m not sure how long it had been down before we moved in.  We have ranged from having 2 dogs to having 5 dogs in the house (currently we have 1 big dog and 2 little dogs).  We also have 3 cats now.  Luckily, the cats use their litter box, but the dogs…well, they have accidents because one of my kids cannot remember to take them out.

Reasons or Excuses?

Most of my house has laminate flooring, so we just mop it up.  The bedrooms, though, are carpeted.  Add the mix of the dogs/cats, and having kids in the house.  This yields to the carpets are stained, smelly, and just flat out gross.  I’ve had a couple of Bissell carpet cleaners over the years.  In a nutshell, they are pretty much a piece of crap.  They have messed up within 6 mths with no promise of help from the company.  So, we just refused to sink more money into them.  We have also had our carpets professionally done and they looked fantastic for quite a while.  Over time, the stains reappeared.  This happened because the dogs had accidents, kids puked or spilled food/drinks all over it and they are not disgusting again.

Getting an Opinion From the Man

The other day, I texted Big Daddy, and I asked him if he would rent me a carpet cleaner.  I am striving to maintain my groove and get the carpets cleaned.  He quickly texted me back and said that he would rather just spend the money, and buy one, rather than rent one.  Our goal is to use any “extra” money, towards debt, not a carpet cleaner BUT I also know one key thing.

Bucket List:  Be Carpet Free

Replacing our carpet, in the bedrooms, was the last thing on our list.  It is on our master “to-do” list, but it is dead last.  Right now, it is doable and livable.  Bart was right.  We needed to invest and spend that $130 on a machine.  I can clean the carpets a couple of times a month.  That will at least put a band-aid on the issues at hand.  In the end, we are saving money.  We are pushing back spending the money to replace the carpet.  When we do replace it, we will pay cash.  Hopefully, we will already be debt-free (with the exception of our house).

Bend but Don’t Break

Sometimes, you have to bend a little, on your debt-free plan.  Weigh out the options of whether it is easier to buy or rent something.  I am not sorry that he spent that money.  I actually enjoy cleaning carpets.  Though those 10 yr old stains don’t always come up.  The satisfaction in watching it suck up all the dirt and grime LOL.

There is something profoundly wrong with me 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Operation Get out of debt Buy or Rent”

  1. Wow, just wow. Our families are so much alike. I ditched my carpets and opted for the concrete foundation. I’m kinda liking it. Adding you to my prayers.
    From your new Jesus loving homeschooling friend with one awesome husband of 25 yrs this Christmas, 9 cell phone family with kiddos collected from everywhere, 4 dogs, 3 frogs, working on the chickens and my counseling degree! My husband retired from the Air Force so chickens and school had to wait. 😉

    1. Gracious we do live very similar lives. You can also join my fb group or YouTube family. We need to get to know each other!! Welcome.

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