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That Moment When You Have Had Enough

That Moment When You Have Had Enough

That Moment When You Have Had Enough.

When you have stood all that you can stand?

When you have had enough of doctors who think they are God?

When you are tired of your kids fighting?

When did you think you are going to run down the road naked, screaming at the top of your lungs if you hear or see one more piece of craptastic news?

When you don’t have the strength to care if anyone is fed?

When you have just had it?

This is That Moment When You Have Had Enough

Instead of flipping out…I put on a seaweed anti-stress mask.

Did it help?

No…it made my face itch.

But…I am still a looker!

Am I right or am I right?

**Side Note**

My friend, Donna, always said to me, “Brandi am I right or am I right?”  As I was reading this tonight, I could hear her raspy voice.  Her voice, her facial expressions, and her being in a rigor.  Normally she was fussing about the children, animals, or money.  I miss our late night talks.  Sadly, I can’t watch car detailing videos anymore.  She would call and I would walk her through each one.  She would listen.  Donna, I miss you.

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