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Welp My Rainbow Threw Up

Welp My Rainbow Threw Up

Welp My Rainbow Threw Up

I was hoping, that 2018 would be a banner year but Welp My Rainbow Threw Up!

A goal was going to lose 50 lbs. (We did join WW, now we have to utilize it)

My daughter would get married, without any issues. (Success)

She would also find her dream job. (Success)

Big daddy would lose some weight. (Did join WW with me and the gym)

Hunter would be healed.

Another loan paid off.

Finally, we would get ahead in our savings.

Resolution of the behavior issues.

School would go off without a hitch. (We are so close to being done, though it has been the bare minimum)

Noah would take his ACT and do well.

Daddy was going to get better. (Even after another scare, this year, and still trying to get bad habits under control….he got a good report from the doctor)

Resolution for a major family issue.

A child would be safe.

Mending would happen in a relationship. (Well on its way)

This was gonna be the year of the Crum family.

After several years of sucking dirt…..our rainbow was reemerging.


My beginning rainbow…..that I was SO excited to see…..threw up.

Now, I have chunks of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet all over my floor.

The first 1/4 of my rainbow will have lots of cracks, scratches, dents, and scars but my rainbow is beginning to be rebuilt.

However, I still hold onto hope, hold onto Jesus, and I hold onto the promises that He has given me in His Word.

Today, I revel in the things that are being rebuilt.

Even with those scars.

It may not look like the original rainbow, but it is still full of color and character.

Here’s to rebuilding my rainbow and starting on the second quarter of this year.

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