Medical Issues

When Life Knocks the Wind Out of You

When Life Knocks the Wind Out of YouThe Wheelchair was fitted for Hunter.

When Life Knocks the Wind Out of You.  This is what Hunter and I did today.  My heart simply aches.  I know this is for the best, but this is cruel and unusual punishment for me.  I guess I should be thankful, but right now, I’m just pissed.  There are so many things I’m pissed about.  The doctor(s) that misdiagnosed him, the loss of function, this stupid chair.

When Life Knocks the Wind Out of You

I guess one just moves on one breath at a time.  Somedays, I find it hard to breathe, though.  There are moments that I just sit and cry.  I simply do not know where to go from here.  Today, I just breathe.  He didn’t cry or whine.  Just sat there and let the man do as he needed to.  Daniel pushed him around.  Seeing my kids see him was humbling and sad.

The look in their eyes spoke a thousand words.  Each breath, each sigh, each helpless glance as we all watched was heartbreaking.  Is this the end of the world?  No.  Absolutely not.  It is, however, one of the hardest things we have all witnessed.  We are watching a once healthy boy deteriorate before our eyes.


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