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3 Month Update on Hunter

3 Month Update on Hunter3 Month Update on Hunter

Here we are at our 3 Month Update on Hunter.  It has not been the easiest time.  We spent about 2 weeks, at the onset, at Kosair’s Children’s Hospital (now Norton’s Children’s Hospital). During those 2 weeks, he had 8 high dose steroids treatments and 1 high dose IVIg treatment.  Once we were released, we went back a month later, and we got the first Rituximab treatment.  In 2 weeks, we went back to get the next dose of Rituximab.  We will go back in January to get the 3rd dose.  Realize, he did not need all this crap.  He was misdiagnosed and treated for that misdiagnosis.
What Each Thing Does When it is Needed
The steroids were to get the inflammation down.  The IVIg is immunotherapy, and it replaces the good stuff in his body.  Rituximab is a type of chemo treatment that specifically kills off the B antibodies that are confused and attacking his brain.  The first dose killed off the majority of them.  The second dose killed off the baby ones.  We were hoping remission would come after that second dose, but sadly, it has not.
Difficulties of Uncertainty
Hunter still walks around like a drunkard, basically.  He walks with his feet out, like a duck to steady himself.  Stairs are still a challenge.  Mornings and after naps are still filled with uncertainty as to how he will be.  He is more tremulous during those times and when he is doing something that has focused movements with his hands (i.e., holding a fork/spoon, pencil, coloring, etc.).

He is still highly emotional.

I know that he is 3, but it is almost like have 100 kids that are 3, at the same time.  It is exhausting.  He either has hypersomnia or insomnia; eats well or does not eat well; walking or not walking well. There is not an in-between. His eye is still turned in (apparently that is normal for OMS kids), and they still twitch….all the time.  It is so weird.

Next Leg of Journey

We start monthly IVIg treatments next month.  Our prayer is that we can get them through home health so I do not have to make that drive and sit in that itty bitty room for 8 hours.  We would like to get a mobility service dog for him, and we still need to raise money to redo our downstairs bathroom.  This will make it more accommodating to him when/if the need arises for constant use with his walker.

What I Know is Truth

I do not know what the future holds, but I do know the One who holds the future in His mighty hands, and I will choose to trust and obey.

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