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Let’s Talk About Them Slippers

Let's Talk About Them SlippersLet’s Talk About Them Slippers

Let’s Talk About Them Slippers.  I have never been a slipper kind of gal.  All slippers irritate me.  I have to bunch my toes up when I walk in them, or they will fly off my feet.  I don’t like big slippers, I don’t want little slippers.  I don’t like animal slippers, I don’t like fancy slippers.  I do not like slippers.  I do not like socks, but that is for another post.

In 2014, my daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas…I had no clue, and I tried just to give her a vague answer because I really didn’t need anything, but she wanted to give me something.  That is her Spiritual gift…She *LOVES* giving gifts that bring joy to people.  Loves it.  I didn’t want her wasting her money on me….but she insisted.

So I said, get me some slippers.

I knew that I probably would never wear them, but it was an idea, I could put wear them around the house on Christmas Day and then retire them to the closet until the next Christmas.  Problem solved.

Little did I know…..I would form a bond with these slippers, and they have forged their way into my heart, and they are very very special to me.

When I opened my gift…I did the act of surprise face, and then I promptly put them on and oohed and ahhed over them.  She was pleased.  That is all that mattered in my book.  I did, notice, however, these were not like the slippers I thought they would be.  They were more like fuzzy sock type of slippers and though I do not like socks…I do when it is super cold….so I did put them on, and they did the job.

The Years of Hospitals

In May of 2015 is where my slippers became a part of my journey.  That is the month that my Lady had her first, of many, strokes.  I stayed with her during the day and most nights.  She was in and out recovering from her stroke and her MANY UTIs….So.  Very. Many.

The next year, daddy had a stroke.  I was blessed (is that the right word) that I knew who to talk to, what to say, what questions to ask, and what doctors/tests to request because I had already walked through that with Lady.  I spent several days with him during the day and evening.  Flash forward a year, and daddy had quadruple bypass surgery.  Then Hunter got sick and was in and out of hospitals, then a few months and my Lady went to a nursing home….then back to the hospital….then back to the nursing home.  My slippers and I saw my Lady for the last time on September 30, 2017, as she took her last breath on October 1, 2017.

Many Hospitals

My slippers have walked many many hospital halls and nursing home halls, seen many ERs, lots of wall decorations, supported me in many conversations with doctors, specialists, and nurses wheeled lots of wheelchairs, walked from floor to floor and hall to hall, absorbed tears while I hid in the bathroom, and so much more.  Alyssa has bought me other slippers for Christmas, and I do wear those, around the house because I like them.  These slippers: black, gross, dirty, and washed too many times, well, they are special to me.  I keep them packed in my “to go” bag at all times.

Thank you, Alyssa…for giving me something I never really wanted.  They have a lot of memories.

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