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Factory Reset

Factory Reset

Here is my Factory Reset.  No, no, no…I’m not talking about my phone or tablet.

I am talking about my life.

Do you ever wish you could close your eyes and then wake up and start all over?

No bad things ever happened to you.

You were not overweight.

You had the innocence and belief of a child but in your adult body.

Everything is fresh and new.

I must say, my depression has lifted a bit, so that is not a struggle for right now.

Everything else is a mess.

It’s kind of like when you throw a load of laundry, in the washer, get it out to throw it in the dryer.  When the dryer finishes you open it up, and you wonder “what in the h*ll is all over my dryer and my clothes?!”  Upon further inspection, you find the culprit….. make-up, a marker, paint, human crap (it can be washed and dried in log form FYI), a red sock with light clothes….you know the story.

That is my life.

A red sock washed with light-colored clothes in hot water in a hot dryer and now stained on everything from here to high heaven with no hopes of it *ever* washing off of anything ever again in the history of ever.

Yep.  That’s my life.  Hence the Factory Reset is necessary.

A Chat with my Daddy

I was talking to my daddy the other day…we were standing in the barn watching a bird, and I asked him a question.

“Daddy, do you ever just get mad at God because of all that you went through and all that you’re going through?”  He never looked at me, but his eyes narrowed as he was focusing on that bird and he said: “nope, don’t reckon I’ve been mad at Him.”

I said “well, I think I am…..I think I’m angry with God right now….my little boy took a nap ten mths ago and woke up with his life completely changed and I can’t fix it.  Yep, I’m mad.”  I tried to hide my tears because I would rather eat a horse apple than cry.

At that time, my eyes were narrowing in on that bird, and I was staring intently at it, trying to wipe my tears discreetly.  I felt his eyes looking at me, and he said: “well, how’s that working out for you?”  Factory Reset.

My spirit was screaming “IT’S NOT WORKING FOR ME BUT DANGIT I AM PISSED, AND I AM GONNA STAY PISSED UNTIL I’M DONE BEING!”  My mouth said, “it isn’t working so well, Daddy, but I don’t know how not to be mad.”  The bird moved, at that point, Martha came in with Hunter, and our conversation ended.

An Unexpected Support

That night, I had texted my brother and told him I needed him to talk to another kid for me because of some pretty severe behavior issues.  We missed each other in passing, I guess, so we were playing phone tag.

My brother and I have never been close.  We don’t talk.  I perceived that I was his least favorite person who ever walked the face of the earth, but I’ve been known to be wrong a time or two.

The Lord has seen fit to begin restoring our relationship….a moment at a time.  Here was another moment.

He texted me back stating when he would be around.  I replied with a vomited version of what had gone on.  Then the text went on to say that I don’t know what to do.  I feel like a failure as a parent because things are so bad, with this particular child and I’m at a loss.

His one-word reply has had me pondering all day long.  “Prayer.”

My brother and I don’t talk about our faith together.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him attend church…maybe when we were younger, and Martha made us 🙂  I have not seen him in a church as an adult though, and I didn’t know where his salvation stood.

My job is to pray for him and for God to do the rest.  This statement stopped me in my tracks.  Since Thanksgiving of last year, there has been a shift in our relationship and how we communicate with each other.  Instead of him, being him, and going off on doctors or just not answering me.

He said “prayer.”  Again, Factory Reset

Dinner with Friends

So, two men who have lived (if you know what I mean), point me to the cross.  The next day, Bart and I had dinner with our friends Richie and Jenny.  We enjoy getting to go out with them or cook at home and have all the kids everywhere.  There is lots of laughter at dinner, but we also had some serious conversations.

We are blessed to call them friends, but Richie is also our pastor…I respect him immensely (and sweet Jenny), but to us, they are not “superior” or above anyone…they are dopey, hysterical, down to earth normal human beings.

At the end of our night Jenny asked me if Richie’s Sermon, the past Sunday made me mad.  I told her I hadn’t heard it because I was home with Hunter and Bart didn’t say much about it only that it was about “NO.”

Welp, I listened to it today.  Richie and I texted back and forth while I was listening to it (link above).  It’s about when God says “no” to our prayer requests.  It hurt my feelings.  Again, Factory Reset.

David and Bathsheba

His story involved David and Bathesba and the loss of their first son and how for seven days, David didn’t eat, drink, or change clothes…he begged God to save their son.  In the end, his son died, and after he died…David got up and washed his face and asked for food.

He also referenced “Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:5)  This Scripture is hanging on a huge print in my living room, and I was looking at it before he brought it up in his sermon.

The other reference was Isaiah 61:3 after their mourning…..” to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes.”  This verse is, not only another print in my dining room but a giant tattoo on my back.  These are my verses…my life verses.

So, I am being hit by three unlikely places…my dad, my brother, and a weird statement from an awesome friend.  The Lord is trying to get my attention.  I’ve ignored Him and been mad for three yrs and especially this past year.

I can have a Factory Reset, of sorts, every single morning because each day is brand new and full of possibilities.

Factory Reset

I can lose weight.  Also, I can re-establish my relationships with my husband and children.  Another thing is that I can mourn the loss of who Hunter was and learn to embrace our today.  He is an awesome kid with a wonderful future ahead of him.  A personal agenda is to firm up my relationship with my brother.  Finally, I can confide and learn to trust a new set of friends when so many have just disappeared from my life.

Most importantly, I can renew my walk with Christ.  He never left me or forgot about me.  In fact, He still loves me.  True to His Word, He is always waiting with open arms, for me to turn around.  As my friend’s Mr. Cliff and Ms. Jan told me as I wailed in their arms over our circumstances… Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess 5:18

May my Factory Reset begin…


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