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New School Year: New Outlook

New School Year:  New OutlookNew School Year: New Outlook

New School Year: New Outlook.  This year, I will have 1 married and graduated college; 1 will be a junior in college and preparing for her marriage; 1 junior, 1 senior, 2 in 6th grade, and a preschooler.

What on Earth??????!!!!!!!!!  I have been homeschooling for 19 years.

That does not even seem possible.  I’ve always been a semester at a time kind of chick and I never dreamed I would HS for this long.  Last year was tough, not gonna lie.  I was a slacker, but the kids did finish up their stuff.  Hunter was diagnosed with OMS in June 2017.  That just encompassed our lives.  This year, we are moving forward and being more aggressive (or back to normal, last year was just not normal).


Noah will still be working.  He will do the first half of this senior year as normal…he will take the ACT again.  Once that score gets to where it needs to be, he will be on target for college.  **Excuse me while I lay in a fetal position while eating cheese and crying.**  Grayce will be tackling 10th grade.  Realistically, it will be more of a middle school review and freshman work.  She has hit a bit of a plateau in some areas.  She excels in others.  She has FASD, so we push as far as we can push, but we make sure she has life skills and the basics down.  We are looking into Job Corp or Cosmetology school for her, for her future.

The Middles

Daniel should be in the 7th grade, but he is behind.  He is considered MMD (mild mental deficiency) and FASD. He is also dyslexic, so he has always been an uphill battle.  I have a curriculum for him, that is specific for kids with dyslexia.  I’m going to supplement that with a ton of history (his strength), some science, Bible, and he is pretty on target for his math.  It is getting tougher, so we will just really make sure he has down pat what he knows.  Jude is on target, so we will trudge forward and try to keep his emerging tween attitude at bay.

And the Wee One

Hunter, I have some stuff for him, but he’s learning will all be memorization and lots of reading.  His memory is affected by OMS and he can’t hold a pencil, so writing is out of the question.  He will also have his 3 hr therapies, once a week.

I hope to get up the curriculum that I will be using, this year.  I also want to add in some freebie sites that we will be using or even free apps.  I have ideas swirling and twirling around in my brain…just got to get it all out on paper and then I can write about it.

Never a dull moment!

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