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9 Simple Ways to Prepare For a Hospital Stay

9 Simple Ways to Prepare For a Hospital Stay

9 Simple Ways to Prepare For a Hospital Stay {With a Medically Fragile Toddler}

Here are 9 Simple Ways to Prepare For a Hospital Stay.  I have compiled this list because long, extended hospital stays have been my jam between 2015-2018.

~     Buy a nice overnight bag:  preferably with a zippered bottom and a shoulder strap

I got this WEEKENDER BAG from Modcloth.  I was able to get cashback from Rakuten (formerly Ebates) and I found a coupon, online.

~     Have a toiletry case that can be folded up

A bag for your toiletries.  In it, I have a toothbrush, toothpaste, trial size dry shampoo (this is a must), face wipes, deodorant, razor, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair bands, the baby a toothbrush and toothpaste, a mini first aid kit, fingernail clippers, lotion…just everything I keep at the house, only smaller 😉

~     Electronics Bag

Spare phone cord, earbuds, tablet charger

~     Crossword puzzle/pen

~     2 Extra sets of clothes that will stay in your bag at all times

I have some for me and for Hunter.

~     Spare pair of slippers/fuzzy socks/flip flops

~     Small Backpack

I keep Hunter’s special “hospital” toys, extra pull-ups, and extra wipes.

~     Mini-med holder

In here, I have a week’s worth of my regular medication.  I found some SMALL BAGGIES where I keep:  Tylenol, ibuprofen, car sickness meds, meclizine (I have Meniere’s Disease), stomach pills (Pepto in pill form), Zofran, children’s Tylenol and syringe, Aleve, and tums.  I have them all labeled well and I keep it all together in this small bag.

~     Candy

Never miss the candy!

I keep my weekender packed with these things, all the time.  That way, when I have to go for a hospital stay, for Hunter, I am ready without stressing out over wait I need to bring or overpacking.

It is a horrible feeling to be alone, heading 4 hrs away for a hospital stay, alone, with a sick toddler.  Having to haul him,  his stroller, a bunch of bags and knowing that I have to pack it all, by myself, in one haul because I cannot leave him alone in the hospital room.

I learned that the hard way.

Now, all I have to grab on go day is my coke, his sippy cup, and some snacks, a couple of movies for the trip, my tablet, his tablet, and his blanket because everything else is always packed and sitting in my closet.

Having a medically fragile child and living hours away from the closest children’s hospital is a suckfest….gotta make things as easy as possible to keep my sanity.


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