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My Sister

My SisterMy Sister

My sister is my tribe.  My prayer, for so many years, was to have a closeness with my sister.

I finally surrendered that thought to God and in my surrender, the Lord was sweet and gave me the deepest desire of my heart.

She is not only my person, but she is also the rockstar Mamaw of my youngest son.

She is my prayer warrior, my friend, an accountability partner.  Also, my sounding board, bless her.

I am better because of her.  Simply, without her love and support, I would be a nutcase.

Kim…..I so adore you.

Happy 63rd Birthday 🙂  She would be so irritated if she read this because she is not “technically” 63.  I like to round up by a decade or so because it’s my blog and I can LOL.  One day, she will get me back.  For now, I will say what I please on my blog.  She doesn’t have the password to change it.

All kidding aside, I am thankful for her and I do love her.  We may not see eye to eye on everything in life but she has my back.  I have hers as well.  That’s what family is for…to support one another and to encourage and love.

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