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My Nother Sister

My Nother SisterMy Nother Sister

My Nother Sister.  I could get so weepy right about now.

When she is up, I am down.

She picks me up.

When I am up, she is down.

I pick her up.

She is my prayer warrior.

She, most definitely, is my accountability partner.

We are the same person….in regards to I say it and she just thinks it.

She is my Monday chat girl….my on the road chat girl….my in the trenches chat girl.  There are seasons when our Monday chats turn into Tuesday chats.  Some weeks, we don’t chat at all.  Other weeks, we chat almost daily.  It depends on what we are both traveling through.

She is my sister.

I am a better human with you in my life.  She has taught me how to be a wife, mom, and walker in the faith.  Her life is not perfect.  She does not have a perfect marriage.  Her kids are not perfect.  Yet, she has joy.  Happiness is based on circumstances.  Joy, however, is from the Lord.  So, regardless of the valley, she is in, there is always joy in her countenance.

I love you more than you know.

Happy 50th Birthday! 🙂

**You’re hot for an old chick, but Kim is older, and Shane is Methuselah level.**

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