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Traveling Home From Florida

Part 1:  A Journey of HealingTraveling Home From Florida

Traveling Home From Florida.  We were driving for 13 or so hours.  This was a bizarre trip full of unexpected ups and downs.  Holistic treatment from a self-professed “quack” is quite the experience.

Our family is beyond thankful that we met that “quack.”  Also, that we took a chance to see what could happen if we stepped out on faith.  We allowed the Lord to dictate every move and His Name is glorified.

As a bonus, we saw the World’s Largest Cedar Bucket and the World’s Largest Peanut.

As an added bonus, I’m gonna see my sister.  Once I get home, I get to see my daughter and my animals.

It has been a trip that I do not believe I will ever forget.

Going Back

I believe we will try to go back every year.  It can’t hurt and it absolutely optimizes his health.  This year (2020) is a little strange because all traveling is banned due to co-vid19.  It makes me sad I can’t see my friends and go through this bizarre and amazing treatment again!

I just can’t speak enough of what a great experience this has been.  Honestly, I may try and save up so each of my family members can go through this treatment.  The first treatment takes 3 days.  Any other treatments (every year if you choose) is a one-day treatment.  Though, you can do another 3 days, if you would like.

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