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Part 3: Meet My Okapi

Unconventional Treatment

Part 3 Meet My Okapi.  As we were finishing up an “unconventional” treatment plan for our son, we decided to give our family a bit of respite.  When you have 11 people in your immediate, your feet are under my table for food, family….everyone is going in a different direction.

We have one struggling with depression, one planning her life, one who can’t keep her head above the waves, one who is ready to launch his lead, provide, protect mentality, one who…as the years go by….the deficit and valley gets larger and larger, one who is stepping into puberty, and one who can either walk or not walk based on any given day and circumstances.

Add that to a mentally exhausted mama, overworked daddy, and a strained marriage…..we *all* needed new scenery.

5 Days After my Son’s Treatment…This Happened:

Part 3: Meet My Okapi Miracle

Part 3: Meet My Okapi Miracle.  What a miraculous moment.  God is good.

When you see your son walk, for the first time….unassisted….in MONTHS.

You CHOOSE to give God the glory because He is the only one who deserves it.

God is writing Hunter’s story.  He has been writing since before He created the Earth.

I just get to sit on the sidelines and enjoy the view.

He has all the provisions, in place, for Hunter and what he is dealing with, and all trials that he is currently going through.

God is good.  He is faithful.

Our family will heal……….our son WILL heal.

Part 3 Meet My Okapi

He is strong, kind, brave, and good.  I will hold onto this moment, for the rest of my life.  My heart almost explodes every single time I see it.

He just got up, running to the ocean.  The ocean is his haven and his safe place.  The bathtub, not so much.  The shower, not on your life.  Really, he is not even fond of the swimming pool.

When you see the vastness of the ocean, one would think he would be afraid.

Fear.  It is not in this boy’s vocabulary when it comes to the ocean.

He is simply fearless.

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