Chili Healthy and Otherwise

The other is the Chili Healthy and Otherwise.  The first recipe is the one that I use most of the time.  The second is my refined recipe.

Chili Healthy and Otherwise


2# ground beef

1 onion, chopped

1 T minced garlic


1/3 block Velveeta

2 cans chili hot beans

Chili seasoning

Spinach, a good handful chopped finely

1 jar tomato juice

Cook ground beef, onion, garlic, and seasoning.

Once cooked, drain, if needed.

Add in the Velveeta and stir till mixed (may need a bit of water to help it out).

Pour in beans and spinach.

Add seasoning.

Last, put in the tomato juice.

Instant pot, manual for 12 minutes (just to meld everything because the food was already cooked).

Chili Healthy and Otherwise

1# of ground turkey

Seasoning (this is 1 c. kosher salt, 1/8 c. pepper, 1/2 c. onion powder)

1 dried bag of pinto beans (I do these in the instant pot)

1 onion

Cayenne Pepper



Spinach, handful chopped finely

2 cans plain diced tomatoes

1 jar tomato juice

In the instant pot (because that is what I used), place WASHED pinto beans in the bottom with a cut-up onion, some seasoning, and 4 c. water.  I put it on manual for 45 minutes.

Once that was done, release the pressure and stir.

Add in ground turkey, seasoning, the diced tomatoes, and tomato juice.

Instant pot, manual, 12 minutes.

Release pressure.

Add in cayenne, paprika, and spinach.

Keep warm till ready to eat.


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