Homeschooling: Letter of Intent Sample

Homeschooling: Letter of Intent Sample

New School Year


**Get your Homeschooling: Letter of Intent Sample mailed out, friends and neighbors.  Ideally, this needs to be done 2 weeks before school starts.  It is also best to send it by certified mail.  You do not have to send a letter until your child is in 1st grade.  Any younger than that is fine, but not necessary. **

I encourage you all to reach out to your local Director of Pupil Personnel and schedule a meeting.  It takes a lot of the stigma out of the “Big Bad Wolf,” so to speak.  Just share your heart, tell that person about your family, your motivation, etc.  I had a great visit with our (new to me, but his second year) DPP.

Both of us are on the same page on so many levels.  The most important thing is the children and their well-being (not just mine, all kids).  We had an outstanding visit and a better understanding of each other.

Our public school is instituting a new program called MC at Home.  This is a program where homeschoolers can still homeschool, but the curriculum, grading, test giving, falls under the heading of the public school.  You will use their curriculum if that makes sense.

This gives new homeschoolers a chance to get their feet wet or to have the flexibility (due to whatever reasons) of homeschooling, without the stressful event of choosing the “right” curriculum.   The only drawback, as I can see it (well, there is more than one, but this one in particular), is that my children *still* cannot participate in extracurricular activities or sports.

They would be under “umbrella” of our PS, but not have some of the benefits of it.  That being said, this is still a great opportunity, and it is just the first year.  I can’t even begin to imagine how great it can be when all the kinks are worked out.

Good luck to you all!

Letter of Intent Sample Letter

School Name

Your Name




Local Board of Education address


To Whom It May Concern,


This letter is to inform you of our intent to privately enroll our children in our homeschool for the (CURRENT) school year. Their names and date of birth are as follows:

List all children and their birthdates, in order.

This notice is under all applicable Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The school administration, on behalf of the students enrolled therein, expressly prohibit the release of any and all information contained in this notice, including directory information as defined in 20 U.S.C.§ 1232g (a) (5) (A), without the prior written consent of the parents of the students or of the students who have reached the age of majority. See 20 U.S.C. § 1232g (a) (5) (B).





Your Name

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