Got Pork? I do.

Freezer Broken.  Pork Thawed,



Pork.  We have a lot of pork.  The pork WAS frozen and now, it is all thawed out.  Sadly, this is due to an unfortunate outlet issue.  We have now learned, when one freezer quits, chances are the other one will stop too.   This occurs when the two freezers are PLUGGED INTO THE SAME OUTLET.

What is Cooking Now

8 roasts

1 ham

2 packs end of bacon

1 pack tilapia

Cheesy bread




Hamburger Patties


And so much more.

So.  Much.  More.


We have a whole pig and cow processed every year.  This saves us a TON of money because meat is expensive.  As an added bonus, we know who raises the animals we purchase and what they are fed.  This is so important because so much is added to food, nowadays.

That being said, we keep our cow in a large freezer that stays in our laundry room.  The pig, we keep in a smaller freezer in the garage.  We also have our old fridge out there, for extra storage.

Last night, it was noted that the fridge was not working.  Luckily, everything was still cold and we could safely move it to another spot.  What was *not* checked, was the freezer that held the pork.

Welp, I got a phone call this morning.  Big Daddy noticed that the light was not on, water was coming out the bottom, and the food was thawed.  Then he left for work.

So, here I am.  Cooking so much pork.  So.  Much.  Pork.

Alyssa will be okay because her chicken and fish are cooked.  This will give her stuff to eat over the weekend.

Our family, however, will eat more pork over the next few days/weeks/months than they ever have.

If no one hears from me, tomorrow, then you know that I’m still cooking pork.  So much pork.

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