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A Twinge in the Air

A Twinge in the Air

Twinge:  “A brief experience of an emotion, typically an unpleasant one.” Did I wake up with the slightest feelings of twinge-ness (is that even a word?  Yep, I did.  There was a distinct twinge in the air.  No reason for that twinge, other than spending over 3 hrs at the ATT store last night.  That was good.  Fun times.  So.  Much.  Fun.

I slept well, once I fell asleep.  There was not a moment that I got up, even to pee.  Hunter stayed asleep.  Score 1 for Trazodone (though our next feat is to get him off of that).  Still, there was a twinge.

I got up, hustled around, and got a few things done.  Kids were up, eating, and doing chores.  Hunter was ready to take his boatloads of supplements/juices/meds.  Once all that was done, I realized that we did not go to the grocery, last night.  Therefore, there was little to nothing to eat.  That also meant, that after I chiropractor visit, I had to go to the said grocery store.  I would also be hauling 5 of my kids with me.

Let’s all just have a moment.

Five children.  Grocery store.  Walmart, at that.  Enough said.

Walmart Clicklist

Hello beautiful!  I had been doing that, lately because it saves me a ton of money. I am all about saving money and becoming debt-free.  This particular week, Big Daddy and I were going to make a date night out of the ATT store, Walmart, and dinner.  ATT had other plans, so our meal consisted of eating a Papa John’s pizza in the van and zero groceries.

Luckily, we have eggs for breakfast (thank you chickens), and I thought I would just bundle all my “to do” things into one morning.  Yep.  That didn’t happen.  I thought well if I go to the chiro, bank, and consignment store to drop off a receipt, I will just pick up some lunch at a fast food place (we have nothing here for lunch).

Nope, due to the fact that fast food is killing America, I opted out of that.


In my quest to do all the things, I thought I could whip up my grocery list, to be super-efficient.  While doing said whippage, I checked to see if there were any available times to do Clicklist and pick it up today.  I scored!  There were some evening slots available, so I hopped onto Wal-Mart Clicklist and out added all my grocery (and non-grocery) items to it.



By doing that, I was able to get all my little bits of running, a mini lunch run at the Walmart deli, and all my little peeps were happy.  Big Daddy was happy because he didn’t have to do the pickup.  It’s all good, man.

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