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Happy 14th Birthday Daniel

Happy 14th Birthday Daniel

Happy 14th Birthday Daniel

Well, Happy 14th Birthday Daniel.  I cannot even believe that you are 14.  You are so tall and your smile is contagious.  When you are quiet and watching a movie or reading a book, I see that sweet little boy again.  Those chubby cheeks and intent stare.  Then, you look at me and I see this chiseled face and man voice.  Wow.  How did that happen or when did it happen?  I am just bumfuzzled.

14 Things To Know

Favorite food:  spaghetti.

My only dyslexic child.

Running is your sport.

Absolutely brilliant at lego construction.

Favorite subject:  history.

You know any and everything about every war that ever happened in the history of ever.

My only Pica child.

There is an intense love of all things that involve the armed services, police work, or firefighter work.

Favorite past time:  giggling at your own jokes.

Reading is great love, though it is a great struggle.

You are *this* close to being taller than me.

You are a fish in the water.

Your foot is ginormous.

Your legs are uber long, but your waist is t-tiny.

We love you.

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