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Open Letter to the Public

Open Letter to the PublicOpen Letter to the Public

This is an Open Letter to the Public.  There are days when it doesn’t bother me.  Yet, there are days when it does.  Believe me, I pay attention.  Also, my son and my other kids… pay attention.  They all wonder why people are staring or whispering.  It is uncomfortable to watch some of the reactions of others.

I hear the comments, I see the eyes cutting in our direction, and I see people darting to avoid eye contact or communication.  Special needs people are just like you and me.  There are NO normal people in this world.  Some people have visible differences, while some are invisible.

Be respectful.  Be kind.  Realize that Hunter knows that he is a bit different than you are, yet, he is still the same.  He is a little boy who wants to play, laugh, make friends, and have fun.  The shaking doesn’t define him, it enhances him.

If your kids have questions, let them ask!  We are happy to help them understand better.  If the world was full of the exact same people, what a boring place this would be to live.  Normal is simply a setting on a dryer.  Abnormal is the new beautiful!

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