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Happy 12th Birthday Jude

Happy 12th Birthday Jude

Happy 12th Birthday Jude

Due to the fact that we are jamming to the tune of Happy 12th Birthday Jude, here are 12 Fun Facts.

  • First name:  Israel.  (Named by Noah)
  • Middle name:  Jude  Second middle name:  Abinet.  (Named by his birth mom)
  • Brothers:  Tibebu, Ephraim, Noah, Daniel, and Hunter
  • Sisters:  Victoria,  Alyssa, Grayce, Tinsae, Tamenech, and Birtukan
  • He will be home 6 yrs in December
  • Sports (and cards) #beast
  • Loves to watch me cook
  • Smile:  Lights up a room
  • Preciousness:  Unmatchable
  • Single-Sided Deaf
  • BAHA surgery
  • Smart and Talented

This child was prayed over by more people than I can even imagine.  His adoption story is one of sanctification.  It humbles me to even think back on our journey.  We are blessed.

My sweet boy.

Happy Birthday.  I love your face off.  One day, I hope to take you back to your birth country.  I hope that you can see your family again.  My hope is that you can hug all their necks.  I want to hug their necks.  The beauty of your country should be honored and loved.  You do love it and we try to keep your heritage alive as best as we can.  We love you.

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