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An Anniversary of Champions (Long Lasting Marriage)


The act of marriage is what brings us together….today.

In living marriage, one realizes it is hard.

My parents are celebrating 56 years of marriage.  Their marriage is standing on the Biblical love of Christ and forgiveness….forever and one day.

As an illustration, two people fall in love.  It is important to realize that these two people were raised differently but also have different belief systems, at the time.  With this in mind, I believe it is harder today rather than when my parents were young.

Now, kids have the added bonus of “life at your fingertips.”  There are cell phones, constant access to cable, social media has exploded.  You cannot even poop without posting about it on your multiple social media websites.  My parents fell in love a long long LONG time ago.  They were 16 and 18 yrs old.  See, first came conquest (according to daddy) …  uhm… LOVE (according to mom).  My parents married 56 years ago, today.  56 years.  Wow.  That seems forever ago considering I have only been married 24 years.


Mom and Dads wedding picture
Going to the chapel


Next came chaos in the form of bad haircuts and homemade clothes and a beatin’ or two. Shane, Kim, Tera, and Brandi.

The Family circa 1973
The 70s and it all broke loose.
Martha and Pop....Wow
The 70s led to this….

Shane & Gayla = Heather, Leigha & Nick, Stephanie, and Corey

Kim & Joe = Paige (Kaleigh & Jack), Amber & Sean, Aaron (Aiden)

Tera & David = Alex & Kristin (baby), Kelly, Maritess, Jonathan, Jonas, and Isaac

Brandi & Bart = Victoria & Ben, Alyssa & Jay, Grayce, Noah, Daniel, Jude, and Hunter

To emphasize, their love boils down to 4 kids; 4 in-laws; 20 grandchildren; 5 grandchildren in law; 5 great-grandchildren (Hunter is the only “twofer” in the bunch…he is a grandchild and a great-grandchild.

Forever Family
Family Ties that Bind.


All of that craziness led to TRUE love.

True Love Forever
55th Anniversary

On the negative side, they did not know a thing about what MARRIAGE was going to be like.  It must be remembered that these young kids had (have) excellent family support.  On the positive side, they knew they were in love and then they buckled in on the roller coaster of life.  Above all, I have learned so much from these two human beings.  My work ethic, my steadfastness, my love of Christ and family, faith, and forgiveness.

Books on Marriage

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